We entered 2020 asking God to give us fresh vision for Faith Baptist. In doing so, we began a study through the book of Acts. The intent has been that God would give us a 20/20 vision of His priorities for the church and the community. Of course none of us could have imagined that the world would soon face global pandemic.

As we begin to gather again, we are amazed at how God is giving not only us but also the global church an opportunity to realign with His priorities. Faith Baptist chooses to see this as a moment in history to reset our entire ministry. The Book of Acts is now becoming a lens for us to realign ourselves with the mission of the early church seen in Acts.


The global church is having a moment. A moment to consider the mission and purposes of God afresh and to realign and thus do only that which aligns with His word and His will. Faith Baptist is currently utilizing the Book of Acts to repurpose our mission as a church and to refocus our ministry to the community. As we journey through Acts together, we are taking a fresh look at the priorities of the New Testament church and aligning ourselves with that which God wants us to be.

Perhaps you are looking for a fresh start. Maybe you are in need of a spiritual reset and a personal realignment with the purposes and priorities of God. Why not come journey through the book of Acts with us. Could it be that God is calling you to a fresh start and a renewed sense of purpose along with us? Check us out here on the web and consider joining us in person as we give ourselves anew to the priorities of God and seek to be the church in the world that he designed us to be.